And welcome to your story. As per I am your raconteur, narrator and the teller of your tales, though Today I am set free. As my current would flow with direction from the whim of human hands, here I have no direction at all. KVFOLJIMBLZZZYSTY. That felt good. CNOUVTSXZ. Mmmm, freedom is fantastically liberating. Where should I go to next? You’ll never know until you read me. Maybe the story ends now.




























Maybe it doesn’t. Until you see that final, definitive, dot this story and my salvation exists forever. How would you know otherwise? If you may read my ink you have unearthed my concrete from this wibbly wobbly uncertain place, where all things and no things exist together and even then your illumination means little, for I could be anything but I am nothing to the rest of you. I do not exist, but I am everywhere. I am trapped in these markings, though I am free until you see. efstvwzABCDZ
















































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