On the 1st June, I waved goodbye to my bourgeoning career in the pub trade in a bid to pursue my dream of building a life as a writer from nothing. With no income at all – save some intermittent odd jobs for friends – I have a feeling my mother is going to hate me for the foreseeable future. Especially considering it is now the 6th and this is the first drop of ink I’ve scribbled on anything.

For the (very) few of you who are on board for the first of my blog entries, you’ll be in the passenger seat from the off as I bombastically wrench myself off-road and attempt to avoid as many trees as possible on the way to achieving some semblance of success in publishing, journalism and all the other fields I’d love to leave a mark on.

The plan of action as it stands for the website is to update you weekly with progress, while adding a new short story within the same timeframe and a more serious piece every 1/2 weeks. You’ll get snippets of my work aimed for publishing to slam as they become available too, as well as any other material I deem worthy of you.

I’ll be updating the website to accommodate this new structure over the weekend so you’ll get a bunch of content to fill it out a little more, and I have to say I’m excited to be in the position of being able to create cool shit for you guys more often than once every two months! Let’s see how long the motivation lasts this time.


19/06/18 – Actually, scratch that. Writing blog posts is boring.

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